Patterson Tract Community Services District is a locally owned and operated community water district. It was started in 1965 by a group of residents who were all experiencing difficulties with their wells. Up until that time each property owner ( most lots are 1/2 – 3 acres in size) owned their own well and during drought years many started running dry. The residents banded together and formed a special district under the guidance of Tulare County. A bond measure was voted on by residents to form and build a community water district to supply water to all the residents of the small community known as Patterson Tract, located 3 miles north of Visalia, in Tulare County. The water lot land was donated to the district by a property owner. The bond was repaid in full and Patterson Tract is debt free. The district is governed by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time, receiving only a monthly stipend equal to the cost of the base water service. The only employee is the Secretary/Financial Officer and they sub-contract the maintenance and meter reading out.  Patterson Tract C.S.D. prides itself on keeping low water rates and good clean water for it’s customers. Tulare County Environmental Services oversees the monthly water testing to assure water quality.


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